Near-Term Product Pipeline

  Indication Platform Concept Pre-Clinical Phase II Phase III
Bone Tendon Market Adjunctive treatment for long bone fractures Bone Healing Accelerant        
DBM (demineralized bone) enhancer & extender for spine fusion Bone Healing Accelerant        
Tendon attachment enhancer in shoulder repair Bone Healing Accelerant        
Adjunctive treatment for total joint replacement Bone Healing Accelerant        
Soft Tissue Market Adjunctive therapy to partial and full thickness grafts Tissue Healing Accelerant        
Adjunctive treatment to surgical wound healing Tissue Healing Accelerant        
Primary treatment in chronic wound beds Tissue Healing Accelerant        

Allogeneic pooled plasma utilized in Carmell’s processing is screened and processed by an FDA registered and AABB accredited U.S. blood bank and is therefore considered free of known blood-borne pathogens. It is then re-screened using sensitive nucleic acid amplification technology (NAT), and additional steps are taken to remove any new viral contaminants that conventional screening may miss. The final product is also terminally sterilized after packaging, meeting FDA’s and EMA’s stringent requirements to ensure safety.