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Carmell Therapeutics New Management Team

Pittsburgh, PA – Carmell Therapeutics, a biosurgical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative plasma-based bioactive materials, continues to grow and add the necessary management capabilities to advance its products towards US FDA regulatory approval. Carmell’s first product, REPAIR™ Putty, is designed to accelerate bone healing with the first application in long bone fractures. Future clinical studies are planned to expand the label to include other orthopedic bone applications. The Carmell near-term pipeline also includes REPAIR™ Paste for accelerated soft tissue healing, such as surgical site and chronic wound management.

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Carmell announces the awarding of a new U.S. Patent that covers the use of the Company’s plasma-based materials as drug delivery vehicles

Pittsburgh, PA – Carmell Therapeutics announced that it has received its 8th U.S. patent. Patent number 9,364,503 covers broadly the concept of using plasma-based materials (PBMs) to deliver drugs and growth factors to an injured site. This new patent offers Carmell broader protection around the concept of using PBMs as vehicles for delivering antimicrobials, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and other drugs and proteins. This new patent brings Carmell’s total portfolio to 8 U.S. and 9 foreign issued patents. Additional U.S. and foreign patents remain pending.

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Dr. James Hart joins Carmell Therapeutics as new Chief Medical Officer

Pittsburgh, PA – Carmell Therapeutics announced today the appointment of Dr. James Hart as its new Chief Medical Officer (“CMO”). 

“I am excited about the opportunity to join Carmell Therapeutics as its new Chief Medical Officer and am looking forward to bringing forth the company’s first BLA (biologic license application),” said Dr. Hart.

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Randy Hubbell appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer

Pittsburgh, PA – Carmell Therapeutics announced today the appointment of Randy Hubbell to President and Chief Executive Officer. Former CEO, Alan West, has successfully positioned Carmell Therapeutics towards initiation of pivotal study for FDA BLA (Biologics License Application) approval and will stay on as a Chief Operating Officer.

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