Our Vision: Be the Leader in Improving and Accelerating Healing

To be the leading biosurgical platform technology company focused on improving and accelerating the healing process across various aspects of medicine with large unmet needs and where Carmell’s technology can be successfully applied

Carmell’s first product, the REPAIR™ Putty has clinically demonstrated safety and efficacy in accelerating bone and soft tissue healing and reducing infections when treating open bone fractures. While this first indication represents a huge opportunity in itself, the company plans to address the larger orthopedic markets of bone and soft tissue healing for spine procedures, joint replacements, sports injuries (i.e. meniscus/ACL & shoulder repairs), and spinal fusion.

Carmell’s second product, REPAIR™ Paste, addresses an unmet need in managing surgical site healing. Improving healing over the standard of care will result in a reduction in costs to both the hospital and patient.

Future products will be focused on leveraging Carmell’s technology to address large unmet needs in the areas of Gastrointestinal (GI) leak sealing, chronic wound healing, dermatology applications, and beyond.